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Provide Better Client Service With Online Deal Collaboration

This post originally appeared on Marketplace Advertiser, ClientLook and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

Provide Better Client Service With Online Deal Collaboration

ClientLook commercial real estate software offers exclusive online deal collaboration capabilities. They’ll help you win business and communicate with your clients in the easiest and most effective way possible – online. This promotes your ability to deliver the best client service of your career.

In this previous blog post, we discussed how to win more commercial real estate assignments with ClientLook’s client access portal. With a couple of clicks, you’re able to create an online “war room” for a deal, making it simple to instantly share your activity, updates and documents with your clients in real time. It’s truly two-way collaboration. Be sure to read that article if you haven’t yet as it describes how to invite your clients to collaborate through ClientLook.

Real-Time War Room Collaboration

Once you invite your client to participate in a deal, what do they see when they log in to ClientLook CRM?

Your client will see a special “lite” version of ClientLook customized for your particular deal. They will have access to all the updates you have chosen to share with them, and can both upload and download documents and other files. With no file storage limit, you’re free to share as much as you like. Your client will even be able to post their own updates and comments, so it’s a great way to work together on assignments. They can essentially self-serve their need for information in real time whenever they choose. That sure beats having to send out reports every week or month!

Below is a sample of what your client sees when they log into ClientLook to view the deals you’ve shared with them.

ClientLook CRM Client Collaboration Portal_1

Choice of Data Views

Your client can choose to view the deal-related activity in several different ways. The first, shown in the screenshot above, groups activities together based on their activity type such as Call, Cash Flow, Email or any other custom “category” you may create. This can be more client-friendly than the standard chronological display that most subscribers prefer when viewing their own daily ClientLook activity. However, your client could always view deal activity in that more traditional order by date of completion (shown below). This sort order can be changed within the “Options” menu.

ClientLook CRM Client Collaboration Portal_2

Finally, they can choose to show all updates by company, as seen below, so that all updates related to a particular prospect are grouped together. This helps them quickly understand who you’re working with on the deal, and allows them to see the status on each prospect.

ClientLook CRM Client Collaboration Portal_3

What About Privacy?

With ClientLook, you don’t need to worry about privacy. Your clients can only see what you specifically choose to share with them, and they are unable to access the detail page for contacts or companies whose updates may appear in a deal. They are also unable to view any other deals that don’t involve them.

ClientLook’s exclusive deal collaboration features makes it easy to keep your clients in the loop. This enables you to provide a better level of service that will differentiate you from your competition. Get started using it today – it’s included with your ClientLook CRM subscription at no additional charge. That means neither you or your clients need to pay any additional fee to enjoy this benefit.

Not a ClientLook subscriber yet? Schedule a demo today to see how our client collaboration features and more can help you win more business and impress your clients.

Already a ClientLook subscriber? Schedule a free Success Audit with our experienced team to determine how you can take advantage of untapped ClientLook features.

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