Power Landlords Part II: Who Owns the Most Industrial Space in Central PA? | Michael McVinney
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Power Landlords Part II: Who Owns the Most Industrial Space in Central PA?

This post originally appeared on tBL member Michael Kushner’s blog Omni Realty Group and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList.

You might think that Central Pennsylvania is defined by its natural resources or agriculture, or maybe you don’t think we’re known for much of anything. The truth is that there is a lot this region brings to the economy with our industrial market being one of the country’s top core industrial markets.

If this surprises you, consider the following. This particular region is well positioned along the nationally-recognized I-81 transportation corridor with immediate connections to I-78, I-76, I-83 and I-80, as well as immediate access to major deep-water ports at New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore. With our ability to provide manufacturers and distributors access to nearly 70% of the total consumer markets in North America within one day’s drive, the region has benefitted from significant demand, especially most recently with the emergence of the e-commerce which promises customers even faster ship times.

Additionally, nearly 8 million square feet of new Class A regional and super regional distribution facilities are under construction. Even with this much new space entering the market, vacancy rates remain right around 5% which is well below the historical market standard of 7%. Combine all of this with a backlog of millions of square feet of new tenant requirements in the market, and you can see why Central PA’s industrial real estate market is ripe for opportunity among investors and landlords.

So, who owns the most industrial space in the market? The combined square footage of the top 5 landlords in Central PA is 32,820,237 square-feet of space. Moreover, the combined vacant square-footage for all of this space is just 2,448,898 square-feet or 7%. So, who are these power landlords and what buildings account for most of this space? Let’s take a deeper dive.

  1. Prologis Inc.

It should come at no surprise that Prologis Inc. tops this list with its portfolio of 22 industrial buildings. Combined, this accounts for 11,242,938 square-feet of real estate. The largest building, which is Key Logistics Park located at 950 Centerville Road in Newville, is home to 1,170,000 square-feet of industrial space.

  1. Global Logistics Properties, Ltd. (GIC Real Estate)

Next on the list is Global Logistics Properties, Ltd. with 19 buildings and 7,075,922 square-feet of real estate. The largest of these buildings is Lemoyne Industrial Park located at 221. S. 10th Street in Lemoyne which is 885,802 square-feet of industrial space.

  1. Clarion Partners

With 10 buildings totaling 5,676,191 square-feet, Clarion Partners ranks number three on our list of “Power Landlords” in Central PA. Their largest building, located at 1 True Temper Drive in Carlisle, is 1,226,525 square-feet in size.

  1. First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.

At number four we have First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. Their portfolio of 15 buildings accounts for 4,804,210 square-feet of industrial real estate. The largest building, 1,100,000 square-feet in size, is located at 5197 Commerce Drive in York.

  1. Liberty Property Trust

Coming in at number five on the list is Liberty Property Trust with 7 buildings totaling 4,020,976 square-feet of industrial space in the Central PA region. Their largest building, which is the Carlisle Distribution Center located at 40 Logistics Drive in Carlisle, is 972,000 square-feet.

It can be hard to wrap your head around these numbers and the amount of industrial space that is located right here in Central PA. Often, these are huge buildings we drive by daily but fail to notice unless we pay attention. The products that are made in and shipped from these facilities impact the global economy and provide us with every item imaginable, from basic essentials to toys and tools to match a wide variety of hobbies. So the next time you drive by the Key Logistics Park in Newville or the Carlisle Distribution Center, you now have a little more intel into who the power landlords are behind these massive facilities.

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