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How to Pick Your Real Estate Agent

Jamestown Real Estate Agent Buying Real EstateHow to Pick Your Real Estate Agent

Picking the right real estate agent to sell your home is important. Not only can this decision impact how quickly your home sells, but it can also influence the selling price. You may find it easier to choose an experienced professional who is right for your needs if you use the following strategies to narrow down your choices.

Ask People You Know

Word-of-mouth recommendations provide a good starting point when you are looking for a real estate agent. Be sure to ask the following types of people to obtain reliable recommendations:

  • Individuals who have recently sold their homes
  • Homeowners with the same needs as your own
  • People who sold their homes in your neighborhood

Keep in mind that people who provide recommendations often expect you to follow their suggestions. Make it clear that you are asking multiple people for guidance.

Speak with the Agent in Person

If your instincts are usually reliable, take the time to speak with the real estate agent in person. It’s a good idea to speak with at least two professionals from different agencies to allow for a comparison. Ask the same questions and use the answers to guide your choice. The person’s willingness to speak with you is a good indicator of what future communications will be like.

In many cases, homeowners hire a professional from a local real estate company to sell their home. The agent’s familiarity with the neighborhood often makes it easier to encourage a buyer’s interest in the property. Choosing a local company should make it easier to meet with the agent in order to discuss your decision to sell your home.

Ask These Questions

Knowing the answers to certain questions can help you determine which real estate agent is the best match for your needs. Ask the following questions to help you decide which agent to hire:

  1. What marketing strategies do you use? Agents who use several marketing strategies may encourage a faster sale than individuals who only use one or two advertising techniques.
  2. How many individuals are you currently representing? Knowing how many other people are relying on this agent’s expertise gives you an idea of the amount of time they will have for you.
  3. How many homes have you sold in the last six months? If the answer is none, you may want to keep looking for someone to hire.
  4. How familiar are you with this neighborhood? An agent who has familiarity with the area of your search will be able to provide potential buyers with useful details, such as  schools, recreational facilities, services, and stores.
  5. Do you work as part of a team? Keep in mind whether you want one-on-one attention or if you prefer the help of several individuals.
  6. Can you recommend other professionals for services such as painting, plumbing, and electrical services? If you are thinking about repairs or improvements for your home, referrals for these services can ease the process for you.

The task of finding a professional to assist you in selling your home is an important one. Take the time to do your research and find someone who fulfills your expectations. An experienced real estate agent who is familiar with your neighborhood often has the advantage over someone from a different town.

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