Foreclosure, real estate, help needed. Going to lose my home | Michael McVinney
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Foreclosure, real estate, help needed. Going to lose my home

I'm in a really bad situation and in need of help desperately. Cross posting this to r/realestate , r/realestateinvesting, and r/realestateadvice.

I am 40yrs old, married, disabled and on a fixed income. Last year our income dropped (due no fault of ours) and we became very far behind on everything. Being disabled getting a part time or temp job is not an option. We have no way of increasing our income and even renting out part of the house has not been enough.

I went to the housing authority and attempted to apply for the NC foreclosure fund assistance. Unfortunately they could not help us. My husband is not a citizen, he is just a permanent resident (green card). The website and documents I found on the NC fund stated you needed to show legal residence. We did. However the lady said he had to be a citizen for us to qualify for the funds aid. I challenged her and she avoided all my calls and emails, We then got a letter saying the application was denied since it was 'incomplete'- since he didnt show he was a citizen. During this time we applied for a loan modification and we were given a trial period to show we could make the new payment (it was reduced by 20$). The housing lady told us to not do the payments since we were applying for the NC funds. So we didnt and now we got a letter saying our modification request was denied also since we didnt make the payments for it! 🙁

This whole ordeal took months. Now we are facing foreclosure. Like the bank already forwarded the file to an attny and we are just waiting for a court notice.

I have no idea what to do. I tried contacting every we buy houses person I could find and a great deal of them are scams. Right now we have a 'contract' signed with one of them stating we will close at the end of the month but they have to approve the property first. No one has come to approve the property. They wont give me the title company name or attny info. They just keep saying we have a date to close and intend on moving forward. I do not believe them….

I dont know what to do. I know I keep saying that but I really dont know what to do! Would the bank offer me another attempt at a modification? Its a crappy bank- Loancare via lakeview mortgage servicing.

The house has been appraised and can easily sell for apx 260k. We owe about 180k. We do not want to lose the equity we have. Is a short sale an option or is that only for when you owe more then its worth?

Ive spoken to some local realtors and they do not believe we will have a problem selling the house its just that it would take time. And we do not have time. How do I get the house to sell fast? Like in 30 days fast? Are there subs for investors that wont screw me over? Anyone know anyone who is interested in a house in the OBX that is worth 260 for 230? It would be a simple flip we just dont have the time to sell it. Plenty of people seem to be interested in paying us just what we owe on the mortgage so we can walk away but I cant walk away with nothing. Everything I have is invested in this house.

I am open to any advice or comments that can help. PMs are welcome if more info is needed. For privacy reasons Ive kept this vague but I am willing to discuss in more detail. Ive been crying too long over this and need to step away from the computer for a bit. God Bless you all.

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